Loss & damages Assessment of loss/damages and the investigation of causation issues arising from breach of contract in the following industries: transport, property development, construction, telecommunications, fishing, real estate, finance, boat building, mining and various franchised businesses

  Trusts  Litigation arising from trust management issues including beneficiary/ trustee disputes and the use of trusts as a defensive relationship property device

  Reckless trading Investigation of solvency and reckless trading issues in commercial litigation and  for the Insolvency & Trustee Service

  Phoenix companies Investigation of ‘phoenix' companies  

  Relationship property Investigation of financial issues arising in relationship property disputes including tracing, consideration of separate v relationship property; consideration of the impact of post-separation business activity; preparation of valuations in support of relationship property litigation

  Intellectual property Loss & damages assessments arising from breach of copyright

  Insurance Loss determination & causation issues arising in large scale liability litigation. Advisory services to insurers in relation to income protection policy issues

  Business sale &   purchase
Earnout, warranty and valuation disputes arising from business sales & purchases

PartnershipsPartnership disputes including valuation of partnership interests
  Commerce Act Assessment of losses for a private action for damages. Expert witness services in relation to price fixing and pricing issues in the meat, electricity, oil and computer industries. Analysis of  avoided costs associated with network access pricing

  Fair Trading Act Investigation of pyramid schemes. Investigation of fee issues arising from the CCCFA and provision of expert evidence

  Producer Boards Loss/damages assessments associated with quota disputes and litigation associated with the wool, meat and dairy industries

  Disciplinary Boards Expert evidence in relation to professional disciplinary proceedings. Analysis for the Auckland District Law Society arising from bloodstock and film partnerships

  Employees Loss arising from breach of fiduciary duties; employee or contractor fraud; advisory services in employer – union bargaining

  Charitable Trusts Solvency investigations; financial issues involved in a prosecution by the Serious Fraud Office involving the gaming industry

  Financial services Financial adviser negligence investigation; litigation associated with investor losses arising from a failed contributory mortgage company; dispute between bank and borrower in relation to losses arising from loans

  Defamation Opinion as to loss in defamation proceedings

  Taxation Expert evidence in relation to the nature of business activity and its impact on Income Tax and GST liability; analysis of share trading activity